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Choosing a logo is not easy, it requires commitment towards an image that will represent what you do in the simplest and most effective of ways. We did finally come to terms with this one as we know that a good kitchen could not survive without these two elements; the human hand and the egg.

Hands are a thing of beauty and have always fascinated me; you can tell so much about a person just by looking at their hands. Even if you have a kitchen full of top of the line machinery, at the end of the day, it’s always the hands we return to. A cook who relies solely on machines to work is missing so much of the tactile and sensual nature of the ingredients he is working with, so yes, the hand it is.

My everlasting heroine in the kitchen is undoubtedly the egg. The humble, inexpensive and versatile, almost alien looking ingredient that with so much kindness enriches our meals, is by far my favourite ingredient of all.

The hands that prepare the food and the ingredients that nourish come together in a single image that hopefully, with some luck, and hard work, will be with us for the years to come in company of Soil and Spice.


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