Materia Prima #1.


DSC_0041I am attaching some pictures we took during the night of the 23rd, which was indeed a great night, all the people that came where perfect guests, everyone enjoyed the food, and the communal nature of the meal seemed to unite everyone in colourful conversation, which made me very happy and blessed to be there, and to actually be  cooking the food for the night.

I am also extremely thankful for my partner in this endeavour… Clèmence Marchon whose keen eye for discreet and elegant hosting made sure that everything looked beautiful and that  everyone was welcomed and taken care of during the night. I will remain hopeful that this was not our last collaboration but indeed of many to come.

Summer is approaching so you never know….


Sweet courgette flowers filled with Ricotta, they were fried later. None was left.


The Burrata…



The dining room looked so beautiful, with the flowers so well chosen for the occasion…thanks to Clèmence.

The night would never have happened without the lovely guests that came, unfortunately I don’t have a picture of everyone that came…

The Lamb….

DSC_0007 (2)


the cannoli….


That’s it basically, wanted to close with my favourite picture from the lot of Clémence and myself ….the two women behind Materia Prima.


We will continue to celebrate food and friendship in the coming seasons and if any of you reading this happen to be in Paris whenever one of these feasts is taking place, do come and join us, even just to say hello and drink a glass of wine. We will remain friends for life.








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