Make scones on days that seem hopeless, on days where you feel heart broken and all you want to do is stare outside the window without blinking your eyes, and obviously when you feel particulary undecided about whether you feel like  biscuits or a piece of cake. Totally different life situations, but nothing a good scone can’t solve.


I remember that during the year we were saving up to leave Malta to come and live in Paris, scones were a source of solace (please note they did not look as fancy as the ones in the picture), they are really inexpensive to make yet satisfy the need for something sweet and home baked. I used to do simple ones with homemade buttermilk (full fat milk with a good dose of lemon juice added to it) they contain very little butter , flour, eggs and sugar that’s it. On Sundays I would make the quick dough whilst the kettle would be boiling on my red oven for the first coffee and the scones would come out baked by the time I would have made the second coffee, take them upstairs and eat them in bed with my husband and daughter whist the church bells chimed outside our bedroom balcony for morning mass.


There is no red oven, or stairs and for sure no bells outside the bedroom door here in Paris, and instead of making scones and jam for Sunday breakfast I am usually working whilst everyone is still asleep, which makes me miss the days we had nothing ( we still do, but sometimes we allude ourselves that we do) and make me crave these simple pastries, the mess we used to make with the Jam on the bed and the nap we would take right until noon when it would be time for a good lunch and a visit to Island Book where the lovely Liz Groves would keep us in animated conversation whilst we leafed through a gazillion of books, which we later had to sell, well to raise more money to come to Paris. It’s a dwelling sort of day. It’s a scone sort of day. I guess.

This is the recipe for my scones, you can make them more fancy by adding whatever ingredient you want to them, I like them best with Jam and cream, it’s the company you have whist eating them that makes the whole difference.



800g Flour (t55)

30g baking powder

15g salt

80g butter

2 eggs

350 ml Buttermilk

80g sugar / plus 40g for sprinkling on scones before baking)



  • Cut butter into flour and baking powder and sugar, knead until mixture resembles


  • make a well in the centre and pour buttermilk egg
  • With a wooden spoon bring the mixture together and softly knead the dough, briefly
  • Do not overknead as this would make your scone tough, just bring it together, form the dough into a disk and cut in four, you should get four neat triangles.
  • Brush with milk and sprinkle with sugar
  • Bake at 190 degrees for about 20 minutes.
  • Top with jam and if you ca afford it cream.

Eat preferably in bed with loved ones, with the peace of mind that you can go back to sleep after consuming them, which in itself is such an unappreciated luxury.


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