La Bête Noire: A restaurant by Soil and Spice


It is now time for Soil and Spice to move from the virtual and the domestic spaces it was born in to a more public and physical space that celebrates warm hearted nourishment and communal feasting in style.

La Bête Noire will be a small restaurant that brings together farmers, artisans and passionate producers  in a collaboration that elevates communal eating of food of local provenance and great quality at an affordable cost.

A space that truly reflects the ideal that good food should be accessible to real families that work, visit and live in this beautiful city, where food is so loved and respected.

Your contribution, irrespective of the size, will go towards funding the necessary equipment for my kitchen, as well as an attractive dining room with all furnishings we usually associate with restaurants we would like to dine in. Your contribution will enable La Bête Noire to offer high-quality food without hiking up the price or having to compromise the quality of the ingredients used, by always staying close to the values and ideals that have been at the heart of the initiative since its very conception.

Thank you for finding the time to read this short message and I would also like to thank you all in advance for your help and trust in this project. What started out as an almost abstract idea, a small personal dream, has now grown little by little into a tangible entity that could very soon become a very real physical space of true meaning and value. Thanks again for all your help and support.

In the mean time..Watch the short promotional video My friend Danika Jurisic helped me do for the crowd funding campaign on indigogo.

Will keep you all updated on the progress of the campaign.



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